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Here is page 5!


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Burning the OLD!

Center Island counter top

(Not grouted yet)
To the right > new wallpaper

in the main bathroom!

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New kitchen faucet in the sink! New floor in hallway Water heater hooked up
Kitchen island tiled with stove top newly painted Newly painted bathroom cabinets to match wallpaper Mike's closet
New trim in the kitchen! Doug working on main bathroom floor -- sanding Ya think we're moving?
See the new trim? New wallpaper in my bathroom (and me in the mirror LOL!) Another shot of my bathroom Doesn't that cactus look so cute there?


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Computer in the corner

Living room

 Z & E's room



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Main bathroom cabinets, repainted and put back on

081904005.jpg (320447 bytes) 081904004.jpg (179983 bytes) My bedroom &


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Vicki & I started staining the fence but ran out :D We painted the mailboxes black too :)


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The sign that Doug & Jim put up so the kids would be safe.