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These pictures were taken  3/28/04  We hope to have them updated once we get something else done.  The wall that you see pictured with me and the fireplace has been removed. 


North Door

Laundry Room

Living Room

Tara in Kitchen 1 Front door that needs to be replaced facing North

Laundry room and back door

Kitchen sink

Living room

Dining Room

Living room (west & north windows)
Tara in kitchen from the other direction

Master Bath

Dining room

Dining room & living room (west windows)


Doug & Tara's bathroom

J & M's Room

Living room (north window)

Doug & Tara's Bathroom 2

Water heater (in Jake's room with Mike in closet :D)



Here we are right now as of this weekend.  We are going to be replacing some of the flooring in the kitchen and closing up the south window - to make a larger kitchen.  Here are also some shots of the outside!

Kitchen 040304Kitchen - Chimneys 040304Kitchen 040304Fireplace is going here 040304My bedroom 040304My bedroom & closet 040304

Kitchen window 040304Kitchen floor 040304Mess outside 040304West side 040304South side 040304North side 040304

Garage 040304East side 040304North side 040304Laundry room 040304Window boarded up for my new kitchen

April 11th Weekend


Kitchen Master Bathroom J & M's Room Mud Room
Where the oven is going in the kitchen My bathroom floor after I ripped up the carpet J & M's floor Inside of mudroom
Where the oven is going and to the left is the skylight My shower after we tore out the green wall Water heater closet in J & M's room Zach in mudroom
Kitchen View from 

master bedroom

New front 

door (west)

Kitchen sheetrocked View of hallway from master bedrom Installing the door
Living Room 

(North door)

Master Closet
Old front door My closet




Jake demolishing

 old front door area



Inside new 

front door 

Kitchen with skylights ALMOST DONE! AKA Doug's butt LOL! Jake working where the old door was The back side of Z & E's closet Door stop to divide living & dining rooms with my NEW door!



Kitchen ceiling being rewired

Another shot of the kitchen ceiling being rewired

Z & E's insulated closet to keep the noise down from living area

Kitchen ceiling

Kitchen ceiling

Insulated closet wall for Zach & Eli


Inside of Zach & Eli's Room  -- NEW CLOSET & storage space (there will be doors that slide back and forth on a track already installed on the upper inside of the opening)

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