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Link to Zach's teacher's webpage Mrs. Anderson.

ZECHARIAH   m   Biblical
Pronounced: ze-ka-RIE-a
From the Hebrew name Zekaryah which meant "YAHWEH remembers". Zechariah was a minor prophet of the Old Testament, author of the Book of Zechariah. This is also the name of the father of John the Baptist in the New Testament, who was temporarily made dumb because of his disbelief.

This page is about my fourth son Zachariah Grant.  Zachariah (variation of Zechariah) meaning "The Lord's remembered" in Hebrew.  He was born on September 16, 1996. 


He's my first son, and I think he's really smart, funny and cool!  I just love him!


Zachariah Grant Chamley 18 months


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Zach and Eli just getting up out of bed.

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Zach and Eli playing in the Lego's and then Zach's tower he built all by himself

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Zach's 1st Grade picture


Zach's 2nd Grade picture


  Zach at the final publishing party!!