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We are HOME SCHOOLING!!  What an exciting adventure!  So if you ask us when we're going to start, we're going to tell you we never STOPPED!!  :)  (August 2006)  The boys and I are going to work on our scrapbook from Maui and then we'll do our crochet projects!  More pictures on http://www.dropshots.com/tmchamley ; blogging project on http://360.yahoo.com/tmc_57022


 Zach & Eli with Grandpa 4/22/05

Andrew James Chamley!

April 9 & 10, 2005 weekend with Saints from Emery & Iowa!:

Sledding across from St. Mary's Church on the "Hill" 3/20/05

  SNOW!!!  3/18/05:

Boys playing this morning Eli French Fry Zachaboo
Helping Daddy shovel Eli in the snow again!  :D
View from the van
Front steps to the Tech Center East down main street West down main street
After the plow came through the 2nd time


Weekend of November 6 & 7, 2004 in St. Paul:

Kristin & Clair Nick, Karen & Pam Tara & DeAnne
Brothers getting lunch ready Bill & Todd Keith, Mary Jane & Amanda
Doug & Paul Pam & Connie Kids playing outside!
Same Kids different shot Isaiah, Natalie, & Eli (Daisy the dog)
Listening to Keith & DeAnne play & sing
Mike helping Jeff with his trench in the yard Debbie & Tara with Connie & Jeff in the background



August 26, 2004

First day of school:

BacktoSchool 82604002.jpg (96358 bytes)


BacktoSchool 82604003.jpg (128700 bytes)



Eli 082704001.jpg (76078 bytes)





August 22, 2004 

Boys playing outside on bikes!

082204004.jpg (284724 bytes) 082204005.jpg (344678 bytes)


July 23, 2004

Eli & Betsy at Safety Town Graduation

  June 5 - 12, 2004

Trip to Rhode Island


Waterman's and Grant's.jpg (366905 bytes)

Lee & Mom.jpg (81211 bytes) Heather, Patrick & Granddad in Bailey's Park.jpg (395875 bytes)
Tara & Heather in the water.jpg (241713 bytes) Tara in the water.jpg (369412 bytes) US and OUR boys!.jpg (204436 bytes)
Eli & Patrick in the sand.jpg (246336 bytes) Mr. George Bailey & Grant's.jpg.jpg (308502 bytes) 3 cute boys in the tub.jpg (213360 bytes)
Granddad in the water.jpg (282362 bytes) Tara, boys & Granddad in Bailey's Park.jpg (400753 bytes) Zach in the sand.jpg (223582 bytes)



JAKE GRADUATED!!! for more pictures of Jake on graduation go to his page Jake's Page


Scott, Marie, Scott Jr., Katharine, Dakota, Kim, Mark, Alice, Doug, Tara, Jake, Mike, Zach, Eli, Dave & Alice all met with the Huntimer family at Pizza Ranch to welcome Scott Michael Chamley home from Iraq.  We had a great evening

Marie, Scott, Doug, Alice & SandyKim talking with one of Marie's sisters (Lois)Mostly Chamley ClanHutimers with Kim & Zach in backgroundMark with Dick Murphy & Mary Foglesby

Scott & DaveMarieScott & KimMarie and Jake with Scott Jr in backgroundKim, Alice, Alice, Katharine, Scott & Scott


November 8, 2003:

Micaiah came back to South Dakota to live with us.  We're going through some adjustments at this time, but we'll make it through!  Prayers are greatly appreciated! :)

July 25 - August 2, 2003:

Grandmom and Granddad came to visit and help shop for back to school clothes.  We also visited Garretson and drove by EROS space center.  We had a great time with them here and can't wait to see them at Christmas!

July 2003:

We took a trip up to Lake Madison to play on the lake with some friends!  Here are some pictures that Karen Wallenburg (she was a classmate of Doug's in Dell Rapids) took of us while we were there:

Playing at Lake Madison 06.jpg (264932 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison 02.jpg (110338 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison 03.jpg (301179 bytes)
Playing at Lake Madison 04.jpg (210745 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison 05.jpg (330630 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison.jpg (144982 bytes)
Playing at Lake Madison 07.jpg (184360 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison 08.jpg (191297 bytes) Playing at Lake Madison 09.jpg (279314 bytes)

June 27 - July 5, 2003:

Heather, Ron & Patrick came to visit us in Dell Rapids and then we all headed to the Black Hills for some fun!  We had a great time celebrating Quarry Days in Dells, then watching the fireworks in Dells as well as over Mt. Rushmore.  It was GREAT!  We didn't want to come back home from the Hills and always enjoy spending time in Keystone/Rapid City area.

Here is some of our fun:

Chamley Outlaws 2.JPG (592407 bytes)Chamley 0011.jpg (601698 bytes)Chamley 0012.JPG (608032 bytes)Chamley Outlaws 1.jpg (591954 bytes)


March 2003:

Tara made a whirlwind trip to Lubbock, Texas then onto Roswell, New Mexico.  Minnie Marie Misner Parsons Bixler Lindquist, went home to be with the Lord on March 26, 2003.  It was great to see everyone just not under those circumstances.  Most of the cousins that were there promised to keep in touch and to plan a future reunion for the family.

August 2002:

Grandmom, Granddad, Heather and Patrick came to visit!!

May 2002:

Tara drove to Minneapolis to see her classmates: Mary Koen Summers, Cyndi Beer Rothell, and Shelley Henry English!  It was great fun.  Friday night we sat around, talked and ate lasagna while we unpacked our things.  Saturday was spend all day at the Mall of America.  Sunday, we rode the train from Stillwater, MN, and ate a wonderful meal.  Monday was spent relaxing, getting pedicures and manicures, while walking around downtown Minneapolis.  Tuesday was sad, we all had to go home!!  Below are some pictures of our trip!

Tara and Mary at Mall of America.jpg (6022 bytes) Cyndi & Shelley 2.jpg (11284 bytes) Tara and Mary on the train.jpg (15920 bytes) Tara pulling the train whistle.jpg (6209 bytes) friends.jpg (22010 bytes)
3 girls viewing building with music 1.JPG (17172 bytes) Legoland1.jpg (17835 bytes) FAOschwartzclock.JPG (14902 bytes) ShelleyNate.jpg (14308 bytes) Legoland10.jpg (21997 bytes)
Downtown Minneapolis 2.jpg (18019 bytes) Mary & Mary.jpg (17381 bytes) 3 girls viewing building with music 2.jpg (15645 bytes) The Girls.jpg (191716 bytes)

Zach, Tara and Eli recently got home from a trip to Lubbock (7/2000).  Tara went to her 15th class reunion and glad to see some familiar faces.  We are hoping to get in touch with a lot more people for the 20th.  We also plan to put some pictures on the website of everybody that was there, to see e-mail addresses for those who graduated Monterey High School 1985 go to (Class of '85 reunion webpage) http://members.xoom.com/gus26/reunion.html.

Our newest arrival, Elisha John Chamley, came into the world on September 10, 1999, at 7:03 p.m., weighing in at 7 lbs 4 oz, and 19 inches long.  

Grandmom doing Race For The Cure (bottom row 2nd from the left)