Maui Trip 12/27/2005 - 01/04/2006


We started off by finishing up our packing, packing up the van, and heading to Omaha.  We got to Omaha, checked into our hotel (after finally finding it, we actually had to call them and find out where they were because I didn’t print off a map) and Doug decided he wanted to see how far we were from the airport since our flight left at 7:30 a.m.  Doug took Eli and Mike with him to check out the drive and stop to pick up some Popeye’s chicken.  I hadn’t had Popeye’s in so long boy was it yummy!  Doug also said he saw a place he wanted to check out to park the van while we were in Maui.  It was called Abbott Parking and figured he could get a good rate at $4/day.

After dinner we went to the pool and froze!!  It was very, very, very cold in the pool and outside the pool, even though it was inside.  I believe they even had the air conditioner on!

We headed back to the room, got showers, watched some TV and went to bed.  We set up a wake up call for 4:30 but other alarms for 4.  Zach was up at 3:30 because he had to go to the bathroom, but couldn’t see to get to the bathroom.  SO when he heard the alarm go off he asked me to turn on a light so he could go to the bathroom.  What a goober.

12/28/05 (YAWN)

Anyway, we get our things packed up and put into the van and head to Abbott Parking by 5 a.m.; they are right behind us to pick us up to take us to the airport, along with 2 other groups of people.  We get to the airport and our baggage checked just before the HUGE crowd comes through security!!  Wow, did we have good timing or what? 

Doug and I both have a cappuccino and wait for departure time.  The flight was on time to Houston and the boys did well.  Andrew slept for most of the trip.

We landed in Houston and found our gate to Maui was close by but Mike’s to Dallas was in a totally different terminal!!  We landed in E but his was in B!!  So, we take the train to the other terminal and see Mike off to Dallas.  Then we headed back to terminal E to wait for our plane, which turned out to be 2 hours later than the original departure time.  Our plane that had flown back from Honolulu the night before was having engine problems; so while we were waiting for them to take the plane out of the hangar, they (Continental) provided snacks for us.  The boys watched Ice Age on the laptop and I fed Andrew some lunch along with his antibiotic for his ear infection while we waited for news on our plane.

We also sat around and talked with a few other people that were in the terminal.  There were 3 different couples that we met.  One was a young couple that looked like they just got married; she was actually from Kihei and was taking her hubby back to have fun.  Another couple turned out to be spending their time in Hana on the eastern side of the island; and the last was doing some island hopping.  They were starting off on Maui, but then going to Molokai and Lanai.   

We were so thankful when they finally told us that we were getting on the plane at about 1:30 for a 2 o’clock departure.  We were finally on our way!

We got ourselves situated on the plane and went through the usual safety routine; they were also selling headphones so we could watch movies – but they didn’t charge us probably because we had to wait so long to even get on the silly plane!!  The kids were able to play games (there were video screens in the back of the seats above the tray table) and watch movies.  I think that Doug & I watched the same movies – “The Cave” which was kind of scary and I don’t remember the other one I watched.  The crew also served us lunch and dinner on this flight.  Eli passed out after a while and I had to talk Zach into trying to sleep at least for an hour.  Andrew did really well until it was time to land and then he was very fussy.  I think his ear was starting to bother him again. L

When we landed (on the short runway that made Eli spew) the sun was just starting to go down over the mountains and by the time we got down to baggage claim we were very hot and tired.  (It was 11 p.m. central time) There was a man we walked by that said he was looking for someone with a party of 5 and I wasn’t sure he said Chamley’s, but he found us later as we were gathering our bags and gave us our flower lei’s and welcomed us to the island.  He asked for our vouchers and told us to make sure and get to the breakfast the next morning so we could get things arranged for our vacation time.   We said, Ok and Mahalo! 

We then gathered everything we could and headed for the bus to take us to the Alamo car rental place.  MAN what a mess!  We finally get on a bus (after the first one was full) and head to the rental car agency.  IT WAS PACKED!  There was a line of people waiting to get cars, and two of the couples that we had spoken with in Houston were there trying to get cars too!!  It was good to see them, but they looked tired as well.  Doug was in line while I was standing with the boys and all the luggage, talking with one of the guys and found out that he was doing a HAM radio competition a while back, and Doug says, hey Tara’s dad is a HAM, I said, yea, his call sign is WB5R and the guy says his is K4XS and they’re from Florida.  WEIRD!?!

Anyway, we were supposed to get a VAN and we get a trailblazer.  As I’m watching Doug pile our luggage into the back of the trailblazer, I’m thinking that it is a good thing that Mike decided to go do this mother’s because there isn’t enough room in this thing for all of us and our BAGS!!  Which it is true – the back seats were folded down and there would have been no way that everything would have fit in there with US and our STUFF!

 I think it took us about an hour at Alamo – so mind you it’s only 8 – 8:30 there but it’s 12 – 12:30 p.m. at home; we’re exhausted, at least I am!  Doug then says, do you think we should go grocery shopping tonight or wait until tomorrow?  I said, it doesn’t matter to me; we could drive back this way tomorrow.  But we decided to stop at the K-mart.  Doug wanted to find another pair of shorts and a Hawaiian shirt for the trip.  We picked up a few groceries while were there and noticed that they had a great big souvenir department that we KNEW we were going to stop in sometime before we left to come home. ;)

We find our way to Lahaina and I get confused which way Doug needs to turn.  I guess the tiredness has finally caught up with me, so it’s a good thing I wasn’t driving.  We unloaded and got everyone to bed.


Ah we get up to the wonderful birds singing in the courtyard between the buildings where we’re staying.  It was awesome!  I go out on the patio and take a picture of the West Maui Mountains and loving the fact that we’re there!! 

We get breakfast for the boys because they’re hungry and then we decide to go to the Mango Grill and find out what we were supposed to do there.  BUT when we get there, they tell us that we should have been there at 8 a.m. because that’s when the guy is there helping newcomers get tours or anything else they want to do.  We get back into the car and see a little gecko and I definitely have to get out the camera and take his little picture!!

We decide to go back to the room and get swimsuits, towels, water shoes and go to Ka’anapali to the beach.  We went down just to breathe the fresh air and find a place to sit.  Doug, Andrew & Eli decide to go down beach further to investigate; Zach & I went back to the car to get our swimsuits, towels, and water shoes.  Meanwhile, Eli just decides to go for it, he’s in the water with all his clothes on and covered in sand!  NOW he wants to put on his swimsuit!!  We get them changed into their swimsuits and they’re off and having a blast in the ocean.  As we sat onshore we could see several people snorkeling, sitting on their boats, and did see a flipper of a whale!  Andrew loved sitting on the beach eating sand and watching his brothers play in the ocean.  We couldn’t figure out if he liked the water or not, we would take him down to the water and put his feet in and he would scream, then he would scream when the water went back out.  It was too funny.

We stayed for a while, and then headed back to Lahaina.  On our way back we see two cruise ships just in the harbor; it was quite amazing to see them just sitting there.  The boys went on a tour of the Ohana Maui Islander with Doug to find out where the laundry and the pool was.  They were doing construction on a few of the units on the west side of the complex.  It looked as if they were also putting in a driveway from the office to where we were staying.

While they were gone I made a phone call to check on how we redeemed our vouchers for the whale watching tour.  I was told that we needed to go the Expedia FUN! place and get our stuff redeemed.  There was one in our hotel office, but it was closed because they’re remodeling.  So we walked to the Expedia place, redeemed our vouchers and were told to be at slip #10 in the Lahaina harbor by 8:30 a.m. the next morning.  On our way there we saw an International Open Market Place where they were selling sarongs and other miscellaneous items; we stopped there on the way back and did some window-shopping.  While we were there, we saw a guy carving tiki’s out of wood.  They were cool!!  Then we went to Hilo Hattie’s and just about had a cow about how much their coordinated outfits were (they had matching shirts, dresses and pants for the WHOLE family).  We picked up some postcards and straw mats there for the beach.  Doug had to take a picture of the hula bears to prove to Jim that there were bears in Hawaii!