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My second born son, Jacob Aaron, was born August 5, 1986.  Jacob is best remembered as the "trickster" in the Bible.  Second born twin of Issac, his name meant "He who supplants" in Hebrew.  Because of this, our Jacob was given the middle name of Aaron, which in Hebrew means "exhalted, on high". Now he thinks very highly of himself for being so tricky!

Jacob enjoys reading, puzzle books, joke books, watching movies, electronics, camping, fishing and hanging out  with his friends.




Jake has a servant's heart, if anyone asks him to do something he will give every effort to get it done.  (As long as he wants to do it)  Jake has been a great help in raising his 1/2 brothers.  I really appreciate all of his efforts.


Pictures of Jake

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Jake & Mike, Aug 23, 2000

Jake & Eli lounging in the living room

One of Jake's favorite activities, lying around, :)


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