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Born: April 5th, 2005; 12:05 a.m.

Weight: 7lbs., 15oz.

Length: 20in.


Now we're home!!!

Andrew has had some jaundice since we got home from the hospital and has been on the bili-blanket since Monday 4/11/05;  His levels were 16 on Monday.  We got more blood drawn on Thursday and the levels were still high (13) so he has to stay on the blanket.  We went back on Saturday (12) and it was still high.  He had to stay on the blanket through Tuesday April 19, 2005.

He is a great eater and we are just so thankful that he finally arrived.

Andrew with Daddy picture taken 5/9/05:

Oh the life!!  5/11/05

5/24/05  Wow it's hard to believe how fast time flies -- he was 6 weeks old last week, here are some pictures!

7 weeks:



One year pictures:

We started walking just 2 days before we turned 16 months!!  :)  Go Andrew!  We love you!


1 Andrew Biblical boy A strong man
2 Andrew English boy Manly; brave. In the bible the first of the twelve apostles chosen. Andrew is patron saint of Scotland and Russia. See also Jedrick and Kendrick.
3 Andrew Greek boy Manly. St Andrew, an apostle of Jesus Christ, later became patron saint of Scotland. The Scottish city St Andrews is named for him. It was in frequent use throughout Britain during the Middle Ages.
4 Andrew Scottish boy Manly. From the Greek Andrew. Has long been a popular Scottish name, because St. Andrew is the Patron Saint of Scotland after whom the town of St Andrews was named.
5 Andrew Shakespearean boy 'Twelfth Night', also called 'What You Will' Sir Andrew Aguecheek.